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Want to create a recognizable brand?

Create more videos!

Video Rules! Nothing grabs our attention more than this visual dynamo. 

After all, videos are a great way to keep your emerging audience engaged and entertained. 

Live streams. Vlogs. Tutorials. Testimonials. Product demos. Interviews. Ads.

Think about your viewing habits as a consumer: You’d rather watch a three-minute video than read a 1,200-word blog on the same subject. Me too. 

So let’s start creating! 

Lights. Camera… Say something!

Oh, wait. What are you going to say?

What are you going to do

And how do you keep the momentum going on social media for days, weeks… months?

Problem 1

You can't afford to hire a video production team. Not on your small business budget.

You're going to have to do this yourself. Life of an entrepreneur... *sigh*

Problem 2
Creating impactful, amazing videos that match your personal or business brand's standard of sophistication is easier said than done.
Problem 3
You're not sure how to start creating video content - what would you talk about? What do you say? 
Problem 4
You're an introvert or there's just something stopping you from jumping in front of a camera.  
Problem 5
Software, equipment or anything technical can stop you in your tracks.  Hours of frustration and overwhelm isn't good for anyone.

It’s time you learn how to shine in front of the camera… whether you’re creating content for YouTube, Facebook Live, TikTok, Instagram Stories, IGTV, Vimeo or other social platforms.

Video Creators Camp is the place content creators learn how to educate, engage and entertain their digital communities.

You need to join our virtual workshop - whether you’re new to content creation or an entrepreneur with products and services for sale online.

Virtual Workshop for Content Creators

  • Eight weeks of virtual training with Socially Nina
  • Recorded sessions available
  • Hands-on tech training
  • YouTube channel branding strategies
  • Channel and video SEO optimization techniques
  • Monetization strategies
  • Video Marketing techniques for long form content and micro content
  • Video Creators Workbook
  • Equipment list
  • Software list
  • Production Workflow
  • Topic Mapping Template
  • Scripting Template
  • Brand Marketing Monetization Plan
  • YouTube Channel Setup
  • Video Content Planning
  • Video Content Scripting
  • Video Production
  • Video Editing
  • Content Publishing
  • Growth and Microcontent Strategies
Why Content Creators
love our courses:

Accountability is essential for success. When life hits us with roadblocks it can stop us from reaching our goals.  In this program, we hold you accountable to yourself and your dreams. Our very first session is centered around setting goals and understanding your why.  Then we create actionable strategies to support you in your journey. 

No Creator Left Behind!


When you're in small groups or with your friends you shine. But when it comes to getting in front of the camera, speaking in front of a crowd or figuring out this "tech stuff" you freeze. Don't worry we got you. This program is designed for introverts and not-so-techy women who are passionate about what they do.

You'll find your light in this program.  

Women who join this program often tell us it's "one of the best online programs" they've joined.  You'll learn branding strategies, marketing strategies, video marketing strategies and much more.  From tech to technique, this is the only video marketing program you need to jump start your video marketing journey.
Transform your brand into a recognizable lead generation machine.  You'll learn branding and marketing frameworks that will teach you how to use your personal brand to pull in your perfect clients.
What you'll learn
Take your videos to the next level.

Topic Mapping

Learn my secret strategy for creating endless YouTube video topics. Learn this trick and you’ll never stress over topics again.

Script Writing

Watch, subscribe.. or move on? You have three seconds (or less) to give viewers a reason to do the former... or else, they'll do the later.

Their decisions will boost your video's performance ― allowing more potential customers to see it ― or send it to the video dumpster. Sounds like we need to create custom scripts that keep viewers amazed every second.

Confidence on Camera

Lights. Camera... Payments! Fight that fear ― get over yourself and learn how to feel comfortable on camera. (I'll even tell you how I got over my camera shyness) #yesme

Community Building

Learn how to create an online community of loyal subscribers. Who are they... What moves them... What do they want from you?

Get in the heads of your favorite fans and discover the content they want to see on your channel.  

Studio Setup

Where should you record videos? What lighting should you use? Do you need a fancy camera? What about a mic? Where should you stand? RELAX. BREATH... and we'll walk through your studio setup.

YouTube Strategies

Learn my secret weapons for creating consistent evergreen YouTube content. We'll explore my "Everything is Searchable" content approach.

Video Production & Editing

Discover simple strategies to edit videos ― quick. No editing experience necessary. Time to join the world of video editing.

And don't sleep on smartphones. Entire movies have been shot and edited on these devices.

MicroContent Growth Strateties

How to use microcontent on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and more.  Learn how and when to use short videos in your marketing campaigns.

Brand Marketing Monetization Plan
Let's be honest, if you're not making money, it's not worth it right?  So we're going to create a realistic monetization plan. I'll introduce you to seven different strategies my clients use to monetize their channel.

YouTube for Beginners Courses
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BONUS: Instant access training courses are available as soon as you sign up.
They say 'the more you tell, the more you sell' which is true... but only if people actually read what you write. People read text that's punchy, interesting and helps them make a good buying decision.
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